Death by Elocution-Inspired

The simplest outfits are often the best outfits. It’s hard to keep this in mind when whatever is trending is the opposite of simple, but when I look back at outfits that I’ve worn and felt really good in, the uncomplicated ones come to mind first.

That being said, Death by Elocution has been a major source of not just style inspiration, but wardrobe editing as of late. Her account is a great reminder that, if the cut is good on you and the fabric is high quality, you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of trend pieces.

Who or what is your style inspiration these days?

A Ring Thing

Christina Applegate was so cool in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and I loved everything about her style (okay, maybe not maybe not the hats, the hats were pretty terrible). Ever since the video camera zoomed in on Sue Ellen Crandell typing up her fake resume (in which claimed to be a Vassar alum) I have wanted to wear a midi ring. 
Since I have teeny tiny hands it’s hard enough finding a ring small enough to fit my ring finger let alone the first half of my pointer, so for years I just had to dream of looking like one of the coolest 90’s teens ever… and then the midi ring craze hit and for a mere $7 in Nordstrom’s B.P. department I am now able to emulate Sue’Ell.
Unfortunately this is one of those trends that was not meant to be. It drove me nuts all day. It kept spinning around, to the point where I just kept my finger awkwardly bent (you know on Friends when Phoebe teaches Joey to play guitar? Think “old lady” pose.)  so it wouldn’t fall off (which it did, repeatedly).
Midi ring on top, cork ring on the bottom
I had all but resigned myself to my old ring uniform of my single Hawaiian band on my ring finger when my parents came home from their Tauck small ship cruise of the Mediterranean with this amazing silver and cork number from Bonifacio (apparently cork is a thing there). It’s my new go-to, I’m totally obsessed, I highly recommend that you get yourself to Corsica posthaste to get one for yourself (or, you know, the internet).