Death by Elocution-Inspired

The simplest outfits are often the best outfits. It’s hard to keep this in mind when whatever is trending is the opposite of simple, but when I look back at outfits that I’ve worn and felt really good in, the uncomplicated ones come to mind first.

That being said, Death by Elocution has been a major source of not just style inspiration, but wardrobe editing as of late. Her account is a great reminder that, if the cut is good on you and the fabric is high quality, you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of trend pieces.

Who or what is your style inspiration these days?

Outfit Post: Vampire Weekend

Friday night we went to see Vampire Weekend at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. We had a delicious dinner at Flatbush Farm and then headed over (way too early, we got there before the first of two opening acts went on) to the venue.

The Barclays Center is a nice enough venue (cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen), but I found all of the concessions to be extremely overpriced ($9.50 for a domestic draft? That better be super-sized), so I suggest you do the majority of your eating and drinking before you get there.

Vampire Weekend was clearly stoked to be there, but the effects on the new album didn’t sound great on the sound system (any base whatsoever was crazy muffled like you blew a speaker in your ’98 Honda Civic) and the stage was set like Scarface meets a Tommy Bahama ad (faux-marble columns, an over-sized mirror and a loud floral backdrop). Thankfully they placed “Diane Young” early in their set which made me very happy (if you haven’t heard this infectious tune yet you can check out the delightfully bizarre music video here).

Here’s the outfit breakdown:

Dress: Wyatt –  Bought this dress on Bluefly because it struck me as something Debbie Harry would wear. It has long sleeves, but it’s lightweight so it’s perfect for when you’re in between seasons.

Belt: Linea Pele – This belt is a consignment shop find. My What Not to Wear education has taught me that a waist-cinching belt is essential in any wardrobe, so when I saw this one I scooped it right up.

Bag: Pietro Alessandro – This bag is from an online flash-sale (ideeli if I’m not mistaken). This bag is great not only because it’s metallic and therefor versatile, but because it can also be a shoulder bag or a clutch or a cross-body. Foley & Corinna originated this style, but any incarnation you can get of it is a worthwhile investment.

Vest: J. Crew –  I have never been big on the jean jacket or the jean skirt; they were always items I bought because I thought you should have them, but this vest is just so fun and 80’s and versatile that I had to have it. It adds just the right amount of warmth and I know I’ll be wearing it year round.

Shoes: Cole Haan – Flat boots just feel so right in Brooklyn. This was the first time that I wore these boots; as per the salesgirl from the Cole Haan outlet I sprayed the sh*t out of these boots with leather protector and they came out of the concert unscathed.

Scarf: H&M – Chilly weather makes me happy because I love soup and cozy accessories and there are few accessories that I love as much as the scarf. H&M offers a great selection in a variety of colors and textures for about $12. Scarves keep you warm and complete your look; get used to seeing a lot of them here at KimboNotKimmy.