Week Three: Let’s Try This Again

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I made it seven. If week two was me falling off the picking wagon, week three was me landing in a pile of horse manure under the wagon. I mean, I went at it – and my skin has the lumps and dry, quasi-scabbed marks to prove it. Awesome.


Can adults have do-overs? Is that a thing? Because that’s what I’m going to need and, since I’m pretty much making the rules up as I go, that’s what I’m going to do. Starting this Thursday, February 1st, I’m going to start over and try this again.

No picking. No exceptions.

Now for motivation, the promise of fancy skin care wasn’t enough to keep me clean (pun intended) – although I did try and really like the Rodan and Fields scrub my sister generously hooked me up with – so I’m going to need to aim for something else. V and I have some great plans later in the month, so having clearer skin in time for those events is going to be my motivation. After all, selfies are significantly easier to take if you don’t have to hide the lower half of your face.

Until next time, wish me luck…

The Eyes Have It

The hunt for the perfect lipstick led me to Bergdorf Goodman on my lunch break as they are the only beauty counter in NYC that carries the Charlotte Tilbury line. Sadly, Ms. Tilbury’s lipstick are all a bit too peachy for me, but on my way out I stumbled upon a very helpful fellow at the Trish McEvoy counter.  Richard had Warren Beatty Shampoo-level hair and was wearing multiple pieces of David Yurman jewelry. He was confident and informative, but not pushy. 

I explained that I had been looking for an Anastasia counter so I could purchase their brow gel, but within moments he’s convinced me that that wasn’t at all what I needed. 

You see, gel flakes. Wax guides and looks natural and I can use a brow pencil to fill in as light or as heavy as I’d like. 

Before I could say, “I’ll take both,” Richard was working his magic with the brand’s Instant Eye Lift which conceals the bags that, according to Richard, are a product of genetics, not lack of sleep. Make that, “I’ll take all three.”  I walked out feeling like I just got a major makeover. My eyes looked brighter and my whole face read as more alert. I may have not found the perfect everyday lipstick I was looking for, but I’m really excited to play with the products I purchased.      

And in other exciting BG news:

Time for a Trim

To chop or not to chop, that has been the question for the past couple of months. While planning our wedding I insisted that I was going to cut my hair drastically after the big day and donate it. Unfortunately I found out that most organizations won’t accept gray hair, even if it’s already colored (explanation here, it actually makes sense) and the only one I found who will is Locks of Love, which has a shady past (explanation here). And so the long hair is here to stay for a bit longer. That being said, it was time to trim it up.

Here are the before shots:


My Pinterest Beauty board features haircuts from every end of the spectrum, but when it came down to it, I just asked her to add some long layers and take off the split ends. The result?

Nothing drastic, but I really like it. Have you taken a big hair risk lately? Tell me about it in the comments.

Healthy Hair Helper

Image source: Kiehls.com

For the majority of my life my hair was straight and shiny, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone. It started with punky purple streaks, made by bleaching chunks of hair so the purple glaze would show, and progressed to the oh-so-popular ombre. Now, a year and a half of processing later, I’ve got some major dryness and breakage.

Enter Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream; I was introduced to this product years ago when my hair was healthy, but only experienced its full potential recently. A quarter-sized amount is perfect for my medium-length, medium-body hair. I recommend adding it after you towel dry, but before your hair gets to that almost-dry point because at that stage it can make it difficult to wield your brush.

You’ll see the difference the minute that first section of hair drops from your big, round brush; you hair will be smooth and shiny. I dare to say that, if used correctly, this product will give you a salon-quality blowout. At $17 it’s pricier than drug store finds, but it’s not going to break the bank and you only need a dollop, so the 5oz. tube lasts for quite awhile.

Bonus: It can also double as a finishing cream, just be careful not to use too much (I’m talking less than a dime-sized drop on shoulder-length or longer) on dry hair because your look can go from smooth to oil slick in a second.

If you live near a Kiehl’s retail store it’s worth it to buy direct; their sales people are really knowledgeable and they’re all about the free samples. If you order through their website try to wait until you need some other Kiehl’s products because orders over $50 qualify for 3 complimentary samples as well as free shipping (to help assuage the guilt of ordering $50+ of product, here’s a link to the charity work Kiehl’s does). Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus and select local retailers also carry Kiehl’s products, so check their website for a retailer near you.