What you see is what you get: Kimbo, Not Kimmy is fashion and lifestyle blog. I do my best to paint a realistic picture of my life. I like nice things and I make the bed every morning, but there are often dishes in the sink and paperwork waiting to be filed all around the one-bedroom apartment I share with my husband. This blog isn’t just a bunch of pictures of me showing off my outfits, it’s a place for me to explore a medium that I love to experiment with (fashion) through a medium I love so much that it has given me an impressive writer’s bump on the middle finger on my right hand (my MacBook is great, but I’m a pen-and-ink girl at heart).

Clever words and a cluttered closet: My name is Kim Healy, but my friends and family — which now includes you, dear reader, since I like pretty much everyone when I first meet them — call me Kimbo. I’m a Long Island girl so naturally that I love anything and everything to do with Manhattan. Outside of blogging I work as a marketing manager who specializes in social media and I have a major obsession with branding. I have a Masters in English and creative writing with a concentration in creative non-fiction.

My measurements: In the style posts I repeatedly reference my petite frame; I am approximately 5’1” and weigh about 120 lbs. My measurements are 33-28-38 1/2 and I wear a size 6 shoe.

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