What you see is what you get: Kimbo, Not Kimmy is fashion and lifestyle blog. I do my best to paint a realistic picture of my life. I like nice things and I make the bed every morning, but there are often dishes in the sink and paperwork waiting to be filed around our house. This blog isn’t just a bunch of pictures of me showing off my outfits and talking about my beauty routine, it’s a place for me to explore topics that I love through a medium I love so much that it has given me an impressive writer’s bump on the middle finger on my right hand (my MacBook is great, but I’m a pen-and-ink girl at heart).

Clever words and a cluttered closet: My name is Kim Healy, but my friends and family — which now includes you, dear reader, since I like pretty much everyone when I first meet them — call me Kimbo. I’m a Long Island girl so naturally that I love anything and everything to do with Manhattan. Outside of blogging I work as a marketing manager who specializes in social media and I have a major obsession with branding. I have a Masters in English and creative writing with a concentration in creative non-fiction.

Like what you’re reading? I’m available for hire! From copywriting to editorial pieces and everything in between, my professional writing career spans over ten years. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile here, where you can find samples of my work under each position I’ve held.

My measurements: In the style posts I repeatedly reference my petite frame; I am approximately 5’1” and weigh about 120 lbs. My measurements are 33-28-38 1/2 and I wear a size 6 shoe.

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