Dough Me a Flavor Review

Wantagh baked goods shop local

Dough Me a Flavor

Allow me to start by saying that I was not in the mood for a donut this morning—in fact, there are very few times I ever crave a donut—but on this particular morning I was working from home and I decided to swing by Dough Me a Flavor. I’ve been slacking on my New Year’s resolution to check out more local businesses and this has been on my list for awhile.

The Experience

It was mid-morning, so when I walked in to find the the display case completely empty, I was a bit confused. Thankfully, just a moment later, an employee appeared from the back to explain that all doughnuts are made to order and helped walk me through each option. I almost played it safe with the Raspberry Jelly, but then I spied the Berries & Cream and decided, hey, you’re here, treat yo’ self.

A hand-written sign on the display case let me know that I should be prepared to wait 5-10 minutes depending on the size of my order, but within three minutes I was holding the freshly-made treat in my hot little hand. I debated ordering a coffee and eating it right then and there, but I only live a few minutes away and I had a half a pot of coffee waiting for me at home, so off I went.

So How Was It?

Fresh baked doughnut with fresh cream, strawberries, and blueberries

Did I dough myself a flavor? Yeah, I’d say so.

Really freakin’ good. I would like to reiterate that I am not a big doughnut person and I am not a big sweets person either – just one or two Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and my sweet tooth is usually satisfied – but this doughnut is the rare exception.

The dough was super light – and still warm – when I bit in, not dense like I had expected. The fruit (strawberries and blueberries) tasted fresh and the cream had to have been whipped just prior to putting it on the doughnut. It had been assembled like a sandwich (sliced in half with the fruit/cream filling in the middle), making it fairly easy to enjoy (some filling did fall out the sides, which I promptly scooped up with a fork, lest I waste any of the yummy goodness).

Towards  the end, I had definitely reached my sweetness quota and as the dough cooled down I tasted more of the powdered sugar, which called to mind carnival funnel cakes more than beignets, so I would advise that you ‘get it while it’s hot,’ as they say.

Cost: $2.50-3.75 for individual doughnuts. Plus tax and tip (did I mention that they are made fresh on the spot) I paid $5.08.

Would I go back? You bet! Although, next, I may bring a doughnut-loving friend who would be willing to split the tasty treat with me. 

Location: 3252 Railroad Avenue (just north of Sunrise Highway and just east of Mulcahy’s), Wantagh, NY 11793

Busy times: After school and on the weekends

Helpful hints: Given the shop’s proximity to the train station, parking may be an issue. Shoot for the one hour spots on the North side of the tracks (facing Andy’s Luggage or the back of the Bank of America)  so you can avoid having to parallel park somewhere along Railroad Avenue.

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