Current Addiction: Ballz

Have you ever lost hours of your life to something that you chose to do and thought, “I don’t even know if I enjoyed that?” That’s how I feel about Ballz. V told me about and said it was addictive and, after noticing him playing several times, I finally gave it a shot. At first I declared that it was “kind of stupid” …and then I got better.

Now, I am not a competitive person by nature, but I do enjoy being good at things. So much, in fact, that being halfway decent at something straight out of the gate can sustain my interest in that thing for an exponential amount of time.

It also helps when I can justify this otherwise useless new interest. In the case of Ballz, it was that we were low on data and playing this game in airplane mode helped pass the time on my commute. Sure, I could read a book or a magazine, but that would add weight to my already overstuffed work bag (Is professional rationalizer a thing? If so, I would be really good at it. V does often say that I should have been a lawyer…).

This week I realized that I was losing a solid 1-2 hours a day on this game. And that’s when I realized I needed to kick the habit. There are dozens of things I could be doing with that time (even while observing my no talking on commuter trains rule) and that is how I find myself here, writing a long overdue blogpost.

I’ve got quite a few topics in the queue and a bunch of new segment ideas. I’ll be increasing the frequency of my posts and shining a bit more light on Long Island, as it looks like V and I may finally have more free time soon (pretty sure we couldn’t have less). As they used to say on the Mickey Mouse Club, “see ya real soon!”

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