They Call Them Fixtures for a Reason

Of all of the design decisions I’ve had to make in the new house, I agonized over the light fixtures the most. We only needed them for the bedrooms, which you would think would make it easier, but of course I had to overthink it. 

You see, growing up I never had a ceiling light, which made me really want one. The idea of walking into my room and flipping a switch on the wall to turn on the light seemed positively luxurious. Instead I had a standard floor lamp with one of those mini thumb wheel cord switches (yes, that is the technical name, I looked it up). 

In addition to having strange aversions towards certain things (i.e. the aforementioned mini thumb wheel cord switches), I also get weirdly cheap about things. V has to remind me regularly that, sometimes, it’s money well spent and I just need to get over it. Light fixtures were one of those things. All that being said, I am obsessed with the ones we went with. 

V picked this midcentury number for our home office. All of the furniture in there is cherry wood and we got a great indoor/outdoor rug from Ikea that has an architectural vibe. 

I picked the fixture with the black shade, which I affectionately refer to as my Sia light fixture. We put it in the front bedroom which is where I get ready and I just love the drama that it adds to the space. 

But the overall room decor is not the point of the post (I’ll save that for another day). The point is this, life is short, buy the light fixtures. 

Both light fixtures were purchased from Rejuvenation.

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