Forever Home, Found

Right now I am sitting in our new kitchen. The kitchen we dreamt about while falling all over each other in the miserable (and, regardless of how frequently or thoroughly I cleaned it, icky) kitchen of our little one bedroom apartment, the kitchen in the forever home we thought we would never find.

Everything in this kitchen makes me happy. Right now it’s raining and the sound of the rain on the skylights is seriously soothing (the glass of Sauvignon Blanc I’m enjoying doesn’t hurt either). When I wake up in the morning and have my orange juice in here, it is the perfect start to my day. And each night when V and I have dinner at our oversized island, that is the perfect end to it.

Full disclosure, the other reason I love the kitchen is because we are currently living in construction and this is one of the only rooms we haven’t had to touch. We started off saying, “we’re not going to do much,” but – as all of our homeowner friends have told us – everyone starts off saying that. So here we are with our bed in the living room and the polyurethane curing on the floors in the bedrooms and about 1/4 of our belongings moved in, but, even still, I am loving it. Do I get frustrated? Sure. But the bottom line is, we have a house, and every time I come through our door or walk into a room I feel from the bottom of my soul that it is the exact house we were supposed to find.

Tonight at dinner I asked V if he would be alright with me sharing our journey as new homeowners here on the blog and, of course, he said yes. So, dear readers, it looks like we are about to embark upon a new adventure together. I hope you enjoy home renovation and interior design as much as you enjoy personal style, heaven knows I do.  And, since I have been given the green light, here is your first peek at our new forever home.

Made with the Prisma app using the realtor’s photo… I don’t want to give too much away up front!


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