The House Hunting Chronicles: Retro Wallpaper

As I have mentioned, V and I are on the house hunt. Listings have really picked up in the new year and this weekend we saw eight houses. That might not seem like a lot, but – since we started our search when the market was cooling down for the year – it’s actually more than we have ever seen in a week, let alone a weekend.

V and I love a house with character and one of the things that I have noticed is that people who are bold in their interior decorating choices often go with wallpaper. Being in the industry, I completely understand the appeal (this is what I do all week!) and I couldn’t help but snap some pics along the way. Below you’ll find everything from faux brick to foil flowers. I think my favorite is the blue velvet damask (it’s hard to read the texture from the photo, but it was so fab in person – just try to ignore the mismatched seams). Which wallcovering could you see making a comeback?


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