The Eyes Have It

The hunt for the perfect lipstick led me to Bergdorf Goodman on my lunch break as they are the only beauty counter in NYC that carries the Charlotte Tilbury line. Sadly, Ms. Tilbury’s lipstick are all a bit too peachy for me, but on my way out I stumbled upon a very helpful fellow at the Trish McEvoy counter.  Richard had Warren Beatty Shampoo-level hair and was wearing multiple pieces of David Yurman jewelry. He was confident and informative, but not pushy. 

I explained that I had been looking for an Anastasia counter so I could purchase their brow gel, but within moments he’s convinced me that that wasn’t at all what I needed. 

You see, gel flakes. Wax guides and looks natural and I can use a brow pencil to fill in as light or as heavy as I’d like. 

Before I could say, “I’ll take both,” Richard was working his magic with the brand’s Instant Eye Lift which conceals the bags that, according to Richard, are a product of genetics, not lack of sleep. Make that, “I’ll take all three.”  I walked out feeling like I just got a major makeover. My eyes looked brighter and my whole face read as more alert. I may have not found the perfect everyday lipstick I was looking for, but I’m really excited to play with the products I purchased.      

And in other exciting BG news:

2 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Kim. I’ve been searching for something for under eye circles since I’ve had them…mono 7th grade 😳 I’ve never found something so easy to apply that covers so well. Love!


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