Alexis Bittar Sample Sale


The crowds


Spoiler alert: I bought stuff


My mini-haul

Thursday night after work I headed down to the Alexis Bittar sample sale. I’ve been to previous sales held by the brand and, in addition to getting some great pieces, I’ve always been impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff was. I’m happy to report that the same was true of this sale.

Now here’s the quick and dirty details because it’s a school night and I’m exhausted:

The Line: Non-existent. We walked right in and the only time we had to wait was for the mandatory coat/bag check. On the plus side, that process went much more quickly on the way out.

The Crowd: Friendly, if a bit lost in the moment. Lots of women were walking around in a daze as they filled their plastic shoe boxes (that’s what they give you to carry your goodies around) with bedazzled baubles.

The Selection: There is so. much. product; bracelets, necklaces, rings, pins, earrings — there was even an entire table of clip-on earrings! It’s hard to say what they had in terms of selection because the sales staff is constantly refreshing, but there was definitely a lot of the same pieces being put out. When I was there the selection was as follows:

Bracelets: Hinged cuffs, a few regular cuffs, and a limited number of Lucite bracelets.

Necklaces: From dainty and delicate to huge, bordering on costume (there’s one necklace made of Lucite orbs that looks like a bunch of Christmas balls), the selection was allover the place. While I liked the small necklaces the best, I have plenty of those so I passed and I was ready to splurge on a statement necklace, but there weren’t any that I was truly excited about so I passed.

Earrings: Dangly was the shape of the day. There were lots of drops and chandeliers, a few pairs of hoops, but when I asked the sales staff about studs I was informed that there weren’t any. Oh, and the clip-ons took up an entire table.

Pins: I was really hoping to find a chic and/or whimsical pin that could be a signature piece, but there was nothing that really fit my style. There were art-deco inspired pieces, insects, flowers,  and several Jardin Mystere Crystal Hand Pin Brooches. They were all very pretty and, if pins are your thing, these seemed to be a real score.

Rings: Try as I might, Alexis Bitta’rs rings never fit my fingers, so I am not the person to ask about this, but there were a ton to choose from. The scarab beetle rings are extremely cool, but not on me because I have tiny hands that made it look like I was playing dress-up (womp, womp).

Across the board: Metals included was gold, silver, rhodium, and some rose gold.

Prices: Confession time, I forgot to take a picture of the prices sign. However, my receipt tells me that prices are about 70% off retail and priced as marked. Items that retail between $126 and $225, like the earrings that I bought, are $79 and items that retail between $326 and $425, like the cuff I bought,  are $159.

My (Semi)Professional Opinion: Definitely worth the trip if you’re a fan of the brand. They showed no signs of running out, so go forth and treat yo’ self!

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