A Perfect Pairing

V was recently the Best Man at the wedding of his best friend since childhood, Dan. Dan and his now-bride Christa are two of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are creative and talented, quirky and unique; I often refer to them as a human Pinterest board.

From the minute the wedding was announced, we knew it would be a truly unique affair. The groom is originally from Long Island, the bride from West Virginia, and they now live together in New Orleans. Looking to meet somewhere in the middle, they decided on Williamsburg, VA where the groom went to college and some of his family has since relocated to. The campus of William & Mary served as the perfect setting for this charming affair. The food was delicious (the groom is a food editor, we expected nothing less) and the music was amazing (I lost my sh*t when Queen’s “Dont Stop Me Now” came on), but it was the palpable love and excitement of the newlyweds that truly made the day. Cheers!


Celebrating their ‘I do’s,’ a New Orlean’s-style Second Line, and a stolen moment for the bride and the groom.



The magic is in the details: pom poms made by the bridal party brought the wedding colors into the space, Baby’s Breath and Billy Balls made up bouquets and boutonnières, hints of their sweet style were everywhere.


V and I in our “Fall Garden Party” finest.

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