Bloomingdale’s Tag – I’m It!

On a recent shopping trip to Bloomingdale’s I was looking for a dress for a wedding V and I were excited to attend. The invitation declared that the attire was that of a “Fall Garden Party” so I really wanted something involving bright colors, a natural waist, and a circle skirt. When I stumbled across this adorable Amanda Uprichard number, I knew it would be perfect. The Bloomie’s at Roosevelt Field did not have the dress in stock in my size, but the saleswoman was nice enough to order it for me and have it shipped to my office.As she rang me up, she explained that Bloomingdale’s had a new policy that you could not return the dress once the tags had been removed. I was under the impression that that had always been the policy, so I thought nothing of it.

A few days later the box arrived I was all sorts of excited. I tore the packing tape and unsheathed the dress from its plastic garment bag and that’s when I found this:


What the heck was this leech on my dress? Had the store forgotten to take off the security tag? I had purposely chosen to have the dress shipped instead of driving to another Bloomingdale’s to save myself the hassle and now I was going to have to drive to the store with the exclusive purpose of having the tag taken off? I was not happy. I grumbled. I called the 800#. I called the store and, while I was waiting to speak to someone in the dress department, I saw it:


So that was the “tag” that the original saleswoman told me I could not remove. I mean, it was a security tag of sorts, just not the kind that would explode blue dye allover the dress should I attempt to remove it myself. Relief and embarrassment washed over me at once. A little voice in my head (which sounded an awful lot like Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin) said, “well I feel sheepish.” And then I got over it and figured the best thing for me to do was to share it with the internet.

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