Treat. Yo. Self.

 Happy Friday! I’ve been pretty good about not shopping lately, but yesterday I heard a little voice (that sounded an awful lot like Aziz Ansari) saying, “treat yo self” and off to Old Navy I went. I don’t know about all of you, but Old Navy might be my favorite member of the GAP fam. Their quality has seriously improved over the years (have you felt their gauze scarves?), but their prices have stayed the same. Plus, they have really stepped it up in the accessories department.

Exhibit A: This fabulous canvas tote that I scored for just $5.50! They also have a “Holy Chic” t-shirt that is the perfect option for when you’re going for that high/low mix with your outfit. For some odd reason neither of these items are currently featured on their website, but hopefully they are carrying them in an Old Navy store near you.

Whether you had a great week and you want to congratulate yourself or you had a crummy week and you are in need of some retail therapy, I say, go ahead, treat yo self!

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