Outfit Post: Labor Day Weekend Dinner in the Hamptons

V and I have been trying to relax lately, which of course means that we have been as busy as ever. This weekend we were at a dinner party in Brooklyn on Friday, the Hamptons on Saturday, entertaining friends in RVC on Sunday, and Monday we sat in the stifling heat at the U.S. Open, despite the fact that neither of us knows a thing about tennis. The only thing we were missing was a trip to the beach (it was Labor Day weekend, after all).

Saturday night we decided to be brave little Hamptonites and go to dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t take same-day reservations. It’s called Cowfish and it’s in Hampton Bays and, despite being a total sh*t show, it was totally worth it. (There was a debacle with an older couple over seating, but I’ll just say that we took the high road – and our seats – and leave it at that.)

The restaurant is on the water and, while the vibe is relaxed, the crowd generally goes for that “summer chic” look (I am aware that this term is slightly bougy, that’s why I used it). This outfit is extremely comfortable and I feel like it looks pulled together, but easy-breezy (“Hey, you can’t say you’re breezy, that, that totally negates the breezy.”). This Linea Pelle belt was a consignment score from Lucky Finds in RVC and I wear it all the time – I don’t think I’ve ever worn this skirt without it. BTW, if the colors look a little off it’s because I had to play around with filters and contrast when using PicStitch (don’t judge me for using filters, the florescent lighting in my parents’ basement is harsher than Tye from Clueless).

As much as I enjoy my summer wardrobe, I’m ready for the fall, aren’t you?

T-shirt: Isabel Marant for H&M Maxi Skirt: MINT Belt: Linea Pelle Sandals: Naturalizers “Naya” Bag: Tory Burch

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