Christmas in NYC: MTA Nostalgia Trains

This past weekend V and I had one of the coolest NYC experiences we’ve had to date – we took a ride on the MTA’s “Nostalgia Special.”

On Sundays in the month of December the MTA runs vintage 1930’s-era subway trains along the M line between LIC and the LES (check out the schedule here, other links are super confusing and you don’t want to waste precious cell phone battery life when you’re below ground like I did).

V and I were able to squeeze in a ride on the last train of the day, which was great because when we reached the last stop (2nd Avenue) the conductors informed us that the trains would stay there for an additional half hour so people could explore the cars. I took this to mean more time for me to ham it up and pose for goofy pics.

Vintage subway ads, also on display at the New York Transit Museum.
So much charm – from the exterior of the train decorated for Christmas, to the ceiling fans and vintage maps inside.
V and I on board
Refined vs. Ridiculous
There is no place on earth like New York City at Christmas and, as much as I love to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and enjoy ice skating at the city’s many rinks, this may very well be my new favorite NYC Christmas tradition.

Next weekend is the last weekend for the nostalgia trains for 2013, so if you are going to be in the area I highly recommend taking a ride.

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