Outfit Post: Last Call for White Y’all

Friday night we were heading out for a simple dinner at a rooftop restaurant in town. I’ve been seriously neglecting my heels lately and with just one weekend left in summer I decided it was time to bust out the white pants.

Here’s the outfit breakdown:

Pants: Free People – Found these at a sample sale ages ago. Wide leg pants have come in and out of style, but in my later years I’ve become a believer that, regardless of what’s ‘in,’ you should wear whatever style works for you.

Shirt: Gap – V-necks are my weakness. While I typically prefer Old Navy to The Gap, you just can’t beat a Favorite Tee.

Belt: J. Crew Factory – It’s hard to tell from this pic, but this is a gold fabric braided belt (which I cannot say without thinking of Cappie from ABC Family’s Greek saying, “And also shame on guys who wear braided belts, they just give me the willies,” but I digress). Metallic belts really are essential (here’s a silver option in a similar style) and this one has completed more looks than I can count.

Bag: Kate Spade – This bag is from the outlets ages ago. It’s small, but it fits the necessities: iPhone, “going out wallet” (which, in my case, is the Coach Wallet my sisters bought be for 8th grade graduation), keys and a lip gloss. Perfect for a night out.

Shoes: Marc Jacobs – Ah, my very first pair of designer shoes. I cannot speak to the quality of Marc Jacobs shoes in recent years, as this is the only pair that I own, but if this pair is any indication I say they’re worth every penny. My amazing mother bought them for me at Century 21 almost ten years ago.  They’ve held up remarkably well and they’ve never even seen the inside of Augie’s Shoe Service (if you don’t have a skilled shoe repair shop on speed dial, get on it).

Necklace: Gorjana – Layering necklaces has been in for awhile now and the Gorjana website is one stop shopping for these sort of pieces. They host a decent amount of sales as well as offering deals through their facebook page and you can find their pieces on flash sale sites like Gilt and RueLaLa too.

2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Last Call for White Y’all

  1. Love the outfit–especially those pants with those shoes. Marc Jacobs are surprisingly comfortable (thank you Nordstrom Rack, for your amazing sales!) and I couldn't agree more with you about having a favorite tee (I have one that I've bought, over and over, in different colors).


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