Poncho Perfection

Summer has never been my favorite season to shop for. No matter how peppy my personality may be, that doesn’t mean I long for Lily Pulitzer sundresses paired with Jack Rogers sandals. On the contrary, my summer style generally consists of cutoffs and t-shirts. The higher the temps rise, the more I dread getting dressed.
When it comes to my summer wardrobe, the only thing worse than stifling heat is rain. You’re dealing with someone who flips out when the shower curtain liner gets stuck to her leg for a hot second, so you can imagine how well I handle an entire outfit getting soaked through, but this summer I made a purchase that may have changed all that – I bought a poncho.
Ah, yes, the poncho, a garment which bares a striking resemblance to a garbage bag, in both appearance and feel, that was once relegated to tourists and the ill-prepared. One may even call it the fannypack of the outerwear category, but as with the Gucci Belt Bag, there are always exceptions. Enter my River Island polka dot hooded rain poncho:
A month or so ago I was channeling my inner Rihanna and shopping for crop tops on RiverIsland.com. I was pleasantly surprised at their selection and pricing, it’s like an edgier Asos, so I continued to browse the site and that’s when I came across this cuteness.
For a mere $26 you get an adorably patterned poncho (it also comes in camo) with a handy carry bag (the bag is attached so you don’t even have to worry about losing it – bonus). Not only did it come in handy when the skies opened up at OSHEAGA music and arts festival, but I just wore it for the majority of a rainy weekend away in Williamsburg and, since I’m only 5’1″, the length kept my tush dry on all of the rides at both Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion.
The fabric is light enough to keep you cool, but heavy enough to stay down. My outfits underneath always stayed dry and comfortable. I kind of wish that there were snaps or velcro on either side of the body to hold it in place a bit, but that would probably be more of a hassle than it’s worth seeing as how the poncho gets the job done just fine without them. Bottom line: this poncho may be the perfect solution to my rainy day dilemma.
Added bonus: I got to constantly reference my fave Macklemore song, “Castle,” in which he raps, “From England to Stockholm I’m wearing a cape it’s like a poncho!” That didn’t get old fast or anything, nah…

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