SoulCycle Goes Gaga

Some people love a parade, but me? I love a theme. So when my local SoulCycle posted that instructor Nick S. would be doing a Lady Gaga themed ride I was all about it. Nick S. is tough and definitely more “city” than the other Long Island SC instructors (translation: he curses and talks about rewarding yourself with cocktails post-class), but I enjoy that about him. Besides, it didn’t really matter who was teaching it because I will go just about anywhere if it means I can dress up in costume.

Most of Lady Gaga’s stage outfits don’t exactly translate to the gym (her raw meat dress would probably cook in the heat of a normal SoulCycle class), so I decided to go Gaga-esque instead with a tomato red, studded motorcycle jacket (this was left in my locker during the ride), a black tank, black footless tights and — the pièce de résistance — a pair of silver spangled hot pants (side note on these: I bought them at an Urban Outfitters in London for about 10 pounds and everyone asked ‘when are you ever going to wear those?’ Really? Do you know me, my friends? I also wore them as part of a circus ringleader costume a la Britney a few years back.).

When I first walked in it was kind of like that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle walks into the non-costume party dressed as a Playboy Bunny, but only because everyone else was dressed in their usual mix of Soul-branded apparel and LuluLemon. Thankfully, anyone who acknowledge my sparkly hot pants took a moment to compliment my nod to the theme (including Nick S., naturally I did an internal *woot, woot* when this happened, despite the fact that it was the big push most instructors do to challenge you right before you switch to arms).

The ride was great. My favorite thing about SoulCycle is the great lengths they go to to coordinate the movement to the play list, so the theme just kicks it up a notch (provided that you like the artist). “Marry the Night,” “Born This Way,” and, my personal favorite, “You and I” were all included and Nick S. even managed to slip in a Gaga song I wasn’t familiar with – well played, sir.

The crowd at the Roslyn SoulCycle can be a little standoffish at times, but everyone checked their egos at the door for this ride and I loved it! Guys, girls, 15 year-old North Shore girls riding courtesy of their ridiculous allowances, we were all one in the light of the grapefruit-scented candles.

Nick S. was fantastic — not only did he instruct a kick-butt class, as per usual, but he showed up all Gaga-ed out in a blonde wig, over-sized sunglasses, patterned sports bra and crops, topped with a denim vest emblazoned with “Born This Way” on the back. Bravo, Nick S., bravo.

Bottom line: if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out a theme ride at a SoulCycle near you.

2 thoughts on “SoulCycle Goes Gaga

  1. Liz, they do so many more theme rides in the city, you should definitely check one out. I know they've done country music rides in the past!


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