Out, Damn Spot(s)!

Several years ago my sisters gave me a fierce Marc Jacobs clutch. Just barely 21, I did not have many nice designer bags (come to think of it, my only other designer bag was a small black Coach shoulder bag, also from my sisters) and I cherished this stylish gift.

The fall after I graduated college I attended my first function as an alumni. As anyone who has ever attended an alumni event (or seen a movie about people going to one) knows, it is imperative that you look your best. After a great deal of deliberation I decided on a black, off-the-shoulder Nicole Miller dress, black boots and my awesome MJ clutch for a pop of color (see right, but do not judge the hair, seriously, I only mastered the blowout a few months ago).

Besides judging, the other major thing that goes on at these functions is the consumption of food and (alcoholic) beverages. The next morning I awoke to find stains on the front and left side of the bag (inside, outside, and on the back, not really sure how I managed this). I can only assume that these had something to do with what I ate/drank (Captain Morgan strikes again?). Upon returning home I stuck the clutch in it’s dust bag and planned to take it to the dry cleaners to see what they could do.

That never happened. But a few months ago I was couch shopping (I swear, there’s a connection here) and the saleswoman was telling me how I could get the small dark spot out of the back of a cream linen couch I was interested in (will I never learn with these light fabrics?) with a baby wipe. Honestly, I only brought up the mark on the couch to see if I could get an additional discount, but her remark got me thinking of the Marc Jacobs clutch. Tonight (over 8 years after the spill) I figured I’d give the baby wipe stain remover test a shot and guess what – IT WORKED!

So here’s a Pic Stitch collage of the bag throughout the process. The top left is while I was wiping the back of the bag with the baby wipe (I only though to do a before and after once I’d already started, I blame the excitement), the top right is the inside left while it was drying and the bottom pic is the front after it had totally dried.

All I did was wipe at the stains with the baby wipe. I wiped with the grain of the fabric and against it (the woman at the furniture store didn’t mention anything about technique) and really saturated the area and then just watched in amazement as the stains disappeared. Full disclosure: I have NO idea why this worked and I do not care, but I felt that I had to share this incredible stain remover with whoever stumbles upon my blog.

Also, Wahoo!!! I cannot wait to wear this bag again (and drink clear beverages)!

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