Outfit Post

Tuesday night I went to see The Airborne Toxic Event at Webster Hall. This is the 2nd time I’ve been there this year and both nights were rainy and gross, but both concerts were great, so the latter cancels out the former. You’re familiar with my no jeans in the rain policy, so I went with black jeggings (and to think there was a time when I was firmly anti-jegging!) and a light (in color and weight) hi-lo sweater that would be cozy, but cute. The necklace is from Century 21 many moons ago, but it’s one of my favorite pieces. It’s hard to tell, but the crystals are various shades of blue. Combat boots are my footwear of choice for most GA (general admission, not Georgia) concerts because they’re comfortable, but it won’t hurt if someone accidentally stomps on you’re foot while they’re lost in the moment, and they add an edginess as well as a bit of height (in a GA setting people who are vertically challenged typically don’t have the best view). There’s no coat check at Webster Hall, so I chose a hooded leather jacket that’s lined with t-shirt material (not pictured) to top off the look.

Specs: Sweater – Barney’s New York, Tank – Vince, Jeggings – American Eagle, Boots – Trouve, Necklace – Swarovski

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