A Bachelor/Tough Love Crossover Suggestion

While last night’s episode of The Bachelor was chock full of cattiness and strategery (I’m willing to bet that many of the contestants think that’s a real word, so I’m going to use it like one), there was one shining star of craziness that stood out for me: blogger Jenna’s meltdown-dismissal-meltdown sequence.

Let me start by reiterating that I still cannot believe she made it past the first round of eliminations; with her fried attempt at ombre hair, ill-fitting clothes and tendency to cry at the drop of a hat (or a sip of wine as the case may be), this woman is clearly in need of some serious help.

Then it dawned on me – Jenna should be on VH1’s Tough Love, not The Bachelor!

As a big fan of both Tough Love and Steve Ward in general I think this is the perfect opportunity for him to show us what he’s got. Anyone who watched the first 2 episodes of The Bachelor witnessed the unbridled craziness that Jenna brings to the table, but that’s not to say she doesn’t deserve to find love (and after last night’s post-rose ceremony interview, we also know that she feels like she deserves it too, yikes) and who better to help her than Steve? I can just see her in the hot seat now…

Let’s be honest, there’s no chance that she’s going to be the next Bachelorette, in fact, she’s lucky that the show’s audience is primarily female because any guy who saw her, um, performance would surely run in the other direction (or just try to bed her, but you get the point). Even so, that kind of instability can’t stay hidden for long so, unless she seeks help, she’s doomed to make more of those awkward “I’m not like your typical girl” speeches.

Honestly I have no idea how reality TV contracts work, but if it is at all possible for Jenna to join the next cast of Tough Love, that would make me beyond happy. I also don’t think it would hurt their ratings.

***Side note: when I was selecting ‘labels’ for this blog post it was a natural instinct to select “charity” because, quite honestly, that’s exactly what getting Jenna on Tough Love would be.

Image courtesy of flickr.com user DartmoorGiant.

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