A Healthy Obsession

As a new iPhone user I’m still getting familiar with the whole ‘apps’ thing. While there are so many practical ones (flashlight app, anyone?), there are also a ton of fun ones, particularly if you’re into fashion.

A few weeks ago I was reading an article about the best fashion apps and I came across “Pose” which is all about sharing and discovering style by posting items that you see, outfits you put together or just images that inspire you. Users can ❤ poses or comment on them and whenever a fellow user is nice enough to do either or both to one of my poses I make sure to check out their poses as well.

It is this process that led me to the most fantastic store’s website: http://www.philanthropyfashion.com/ (Special thanks to Pose user “spiciehott.”)

Philanthropy Fashion is a boutique in Franklin, TN that was founded in 2007 under the idea that, “a business built around charitable works and grounded in Christ could make a difference in the world.”

Now, I’m no holy-roller, but you don’t have to be religious at all to subscribe to the ideas of compassion and paying it forward and that’s basically what this store, their website and the brands that they sell are about.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t give a hoot about that either at least check them out because the clothes are cute and the accessories are awesome (I’ve already e-mailed them about one of their “Large Sentiment” pieces, metal plates inscribed with clever/inspiring quotes that can be attached to a variety of leather bracelets, of course the one I want is on back-order – arg!).

Having loved boutique shopping for as long as I can remember (even as a kid I’d insist on going into thrift stores and antique shops, despite having no real use for their goods) and it’s just so cool to me that an application on a smart phone, can lead you to a web search, which brings you to the website of a boutique with locally sourced goods. Oh technology, you teach me something new every day…

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