So far I’ve tried yoga and body sculpting at the gym. After yoga I felt relaxed and nimble from all of the stretching. After body sculpting I was sore for 2 days, to the extent I couldn’t sneeze without wincing, but at least it was the good kind of sore.

The body sculpting instructor was hardcore, she even had on a headset, and I was all sorts of psyched when I started the class. Unfortunately about halfway through she had us break for water, which I had not brought with me, and looked at me with a mixture of pity, disdain, and disbelief and simple said, “you should always bring a water.”

During the 2nd half of the class my common sense won out over my pride and I sat out, lest I pass out, for a set of lunges. The instructor almost looked appreciative that I at least had the intelligence to do that. I got right back on the proverbial horse with the next set though.

I almost finished without incident – almost. Unfortunately while we were doing leg lifts with a weight tucked behind our knee I dropped the weight. After it thudded to the ground the instructor simply said “you gotta hold on to those weights” without even looking at me, but obviously knowing which dud had caused the thud.

Tonight I’m trying her bootcamp class. Hopefully I’m less disruptive this time. I’ll report back later (or tomorrow if this class kicks my butt like the last one did).

Until then, this is Mjr. Spaz, signing off.

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