But the End is the Best Part!

For the past few weeks I’ve been using my upcoming deadline as an excuse to not reach one of my “goals:” finishing The Devil in the White City.

Having turned the aforementioned piece into my editor on Monday, I no longer have an excuse not to get on that. Plus I decided that I must finish this book before I start any new ones.

The 2 books on my “Must Read” list are added incentive to get through the end of this one. Those books are:
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart – A futuristic work and social commentary that’s totally different than my normal selections and yet has me beyond intrigued.
God Save the Fan by Will Leitch – A non-fiction book discussing the ways in which “the man” has ruined sports for the average viewer. A few years ago I attended a Mediabistro panel discussion that Will was on and I developed a huge writer’s crush on him. He’s very clever and he talks/writes about sports in a way that I actually find appealing, I think it’s the pop-culture spin. He’s also the creator of Deadspin. Google it.

So now I’m sitting at work on this cloudy day and the phones aren’t ringing, so I’m reading the end of The Devil in the White City. I’m about a chapter or so back into and I’m pleased to report that the end seems to be better than I remember it, but that might be because the author is finally tying everything up. Either way, the end is the best part.

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