Rush, Rush

“No Time! There’s Never Any Time!” – Jessie Spano

I am notoriously waiting til the last minute to do things and today is no exception. Tomorrow morning we leave for Vegas for the wedding (doesn’t it seem like I’ve been talking about this forever) and tonight I have to perform several beauty-related tasks, see my friend’s newborn baby (congrats Karen and Phil!) and actually pack (because I only fake-packed last night, which means I retrieved some of the items already on my packing list from my closet).

So tonight I’m sure I’ll be up til 1am or so and tomorrow I’ll be exhausted as I drive to Queens (probably running late again) so we can get a ride the rest of the way to the airport.

On the plus side, we are flying Virgin America and I can’t wait to report back on how it goes. I’ve wanted to fly them since they launched in August of ’07. Until my cousin launches his kid-free airline I’m sure that this will be favorite (or so I hope).

2 thoughts on “Rush, Rush

  1. I love how you were blogging about running late… GET OFF YOUR BLOG AND PACK. HAHAHA (I did the same before I went to Vegas… I blogged about the prep and packing. What is wrong with us? God damn writers can't put our damn laptops down.


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