F21: The Preggers Edition?

When I think of Forever 21, I think of college and sparkly “going out tops,” or a store that’s great when shopping for costumes, even a fallback option when I’ve failed to find a little something at H&M. What I do not think of is maternity clothes.

But apparently all that’s about to change, as NYMag informed me via Tweet, because F21 is branching out to start a maternity line.


I mean, is this serious? I feel like there should be a little star under the “Love 21 Maternity” header on the website that says, “Brought to you by MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.”

Perhaps I’m over-reacting, probably because on a recent trip to the store I came to the harsh realization that I will NOT be forever 21 myself, but this just seems like the oddest brand extension I’ve heard of in awhile.

Upon closer examination I found that it’s mostly solid tops and leggings with a few handbags thrown in the mix (handbags, not diaper bags, so I’m guessing they were just there to bulk up the slim – er, limited, selection).

Even so, I’m going to need some time to let this develop, you know, like a fetus. [shakes head, so weird]

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