An End to a Happy Birthday Month for Me

So tonight I made a trip to the mall to use my birthday coupons before they expire tomorrow. I only had 2, but they were 2 good ones because they were for Express and Anthropologie, 2 stores where I can pretty much always find something.

I’ve been an Express fan since I could fit into the clothes. It was the first store credit card I ever had. Since I worked at Bath and Body Works at the time I got some crazy discount like 40% off and they always had great clothes for going out. They weren’t even overpriced back then and even though they are now, I still shop there from time to time. I’m still a sucker for their buy-one-get-one-half accessories, which is exactly what I wound up with; a pair of star-shaped stud earrings and a three-toned stackable ring.

Then it was on to Anthropologie. After searching through their sale room for another pair of AG jeans (the last pair of cropped boyfriend AG jeans that I got there are currently my favorites) and coming up empty handed I decided on a cream fabric belt with a light brown leather buckle. It was only $38 to begin with and I only saved 15% with my birthday coupon, but it’s an item I’ve been wanting for awhile, it should definitely make several of my skirts wearable again (they currently just look odd not cinched at the waist).

And that was it. I did peruse the sales at French Connection (a black and white striped dress I’d wanted turned out to be ill-fitting and I’m proud to say that I talked myself out of a heather gray sweater, since I have 3 at any given moment), Arden B. (we’ll call that a moment of collegiate nostalgia), and J. Crew (where, once again, I exercised restraint and put back a pair of shorts and a skirt, neither of which fit quiiiiiiite right, and 3 headbands – 1 was going to be for my Aunt, really).

I left feeling like I’d accomplished everything I’d gone in and, despite some minor detours, was quite proud of myself for not giving in to the allure of other stores.

But I guess I don’t really “need” anything I got, so we’ll cal it a wash.

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