Outfit Crisis Averted

*Sigh of relief*

After the other day’s frantic wedding-guest-dress post I am happy to report that I found a dress to wear to the wedding this weekend.

Towards the end of the day I’d become quite desperate, I was even going through old facebook albums to see if there were dresses I’d forgotten about, so I rushed home in the rain.

The first dress, a fabulous peach lace Carmen Marc Valvo dress, washed me out so that was removed from the running. The second dress, a flirty Kelly green BCBG number with ruffled straps, had a spot on in from the last time I’d worn it to a wedding (lesson: take better care of one’s property).

Finally, I had saved the best, and most likely viable, option for last. I slipped on the black chiffon Banana Republic dress that I’d bought at the outlets months back with the mindset that one can always use an extra LBD.

As I hooked the hook and eye and zipped the zipper, I knew it fit.

Now I am not a girl who normally stresses a little weight fluctuation and I rarely worry about clothes (other than jeans) not fitting because I (thankfully) went through my the-tighter-the-better phase Sophomore year of college. So the unique joy that washed over me when I zipped and exhaled was an emotion that was fairly new to me.

I am all about loving your body. Would I like to have larger breasts and a more-defined rear end? Sure! Am I willing to pay for or work out towards those ends respectively? No. So I love what I’ve got.

I embrace my petite stature, but everyone has had a moment where they say I have nothing to wear because of [insert body issue here] so I shop for clothes that mask those problem areas and/or create the illusion of a more perfect physique. And thankfully, this dress does all of that and does it with style.

Accessorized with my new “lipstick pink” Tory Burch heels and my new Olivia Harris clutch and I will look good, feel good, and have fun. May you do the same with your weekend…

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