Sorry, We’re Out of Stock, Try Again Later…

This weekend I have a family wedding to attend in Florida. I had my dress all planned out, as posted below, and even got a cute black clutch, at a steal of a deal, to complete the ensemble.

Since I’d already worn the dress accessorized in a similar fashion I thought it’d be fun to get new jewelry as well, but a search of the standard inexpensive accessories stops (Express, Aldo, NY&Co, Ann Taylor Loft, even Chico’s and Claire’s) yielded no results.

Upon arriving home I optimistically posited; I’m being ridiculous, surely I can make a killer combo with the accessories I already own.

In order to get the full effect of my look-options I decided to put on the dress. And that’s when it all went down the tubes…

In addition to not zipping up with the usual ease, the dress was apparently torn where the bodice met the zipper and the boning was digging into my mid-section.

Before going into full panic mode I rationalized that it may just be the cut of this particular dress, as the waist falls at the natural waist line and that is the one part of my body that is completely out of proportion with the rest of it.

As I put on the dress I planned to the rehearsal dinner I knew that that one wasn’t going to fit either (although this one was because of my bust line, so I really wasn’t that upset about that) and I would need to do a total overhaul on my weekend packing spreadsheet (yes, I plan weekend outfits in Excel, now if someone would just hire me I could put this obsessive compulsive level of organization to good use).

At lunch I went over to the outlets, but much to my chagrin I didn’t like anything I tried on and that wasn’t even the worst part, I actually looked at the rows and rows of clearance items and thought; I’m too tired to look through all of this.

That has never happened to me before. Ever.

So now it is almost the end of the day and I’m going to my last resort: the black garment bag.

Whenever I’m kind of over a dress (translation: I’ve worn it to more than 2 events and/or I never really loved it in the first place) it winds up in this one very over-stuffed garment bag.

Wish me luck.

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