AllSaints Day

When I was in London a few years back my roommate Steph and I stumbled across a little shop in Covent Garden on Long Acre called AllSaints. After yet another trip to Zara, which despite having British buyers was still very similar to the selection in the US, we walked into a store a few doors down and began to mill around.

The exposed brick walls and sparse metal fixtures gave the place a great vibe, very industrial, and the great clothes with their deconstructed lines and cool color palette, which could technically be described as neutral and washed but is really anything but, complete the very London vibe.

We browsed and tried on tons of stuff but, being students on study-abroad budgets and the exchange rate being about .50 cents on the dollar, wound up each getting 1 item: the exact same leopard print slip dress with chains draped across the back. It was on sale and when we both came out of the dressing room you could tell we both loved it since our mutual reaction was ‘well when are we ever going to be together that we have to worry about wearing it to the same event?’ (Steph was an undergrad and I was the only grad student on the trip; so, while we still chat from time to time, we’ve definitely never worn the dress at the same time) and we immediately changed so we could rush up to the register.

The chatty sales person let us know they’d be opening a location in Ibiza next and one in New York “soon.” Upon returning home I checked once or twice to see if they were opening up in the US, but eventually forgot about the store.

Fast Forward to a few months ago; I’m on and I notice that Pink is wearing this kick a** leather jacket and, sure enough, it’s from AllSaints. Within nanoseconds I’m on their website and pleased as punch to realize that it’s the same shop I’d loved in London not so long ago. Still no NY store but they did have a US website and, as it turns out, they ship from New Jersey so when I placed my order for 3 dresses for my Vegas trip the package arrived in 24 hours. No joke.

Naturally I joined their mailing list and the other day Christmas came early because I received an e-mail saying that they will be opening up a Soho location this month! I can’t wait to be able to try everything on instead of selectively ordering items I’m almost positive will fit.

Plus I’m really hesitant about ordering shoes online and, despite my secret desire to totally master the Anglo-style, I just haven’t been able to persuade myself to order one of their many pairs of combat boots. In addition to being unsure about fit, there are just so many styles to choose from and I may actually make a day out of selecting a pair at the new store. Crazy, I know, but if you didn’t understand these desires of mine, you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog.

P.S. I’ll post Polyvore collages of my most recent purchases soon. I’ve been playing around with how I’ll style them since they arrived earlier this week. ❤

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