Idol Accessories

Who is the stylist for American Idol? As each female contestant approaches the stage tonight I am amazed by the massive amount of jewelry weighing them down.

Back in the beginning AI was sponsored by companies like Old Navy and the kids looked youthful and fresh, if a little generic. Then the budgets got bigger and brands like Salvage, which is more rocker and pricier, made it into the wardrobe room. This wasn’t bad, just new, for the most part it actually worked.

This season I’m just confused. The show is bigger than ever, but the apparel doesn’t seem to reflect that, so my new theory is that they’ve put it all into the costume jewelry budget. Each girl comes out with a necklace more ridiculous or mismatched than the next.

3 quick points for the stylist, wherever he or she may be, accessorizing out:

1. One big piece of jewelry per outfit. Do not do an enormous pendant on a dainty chaining and matching (in size and cheesiness) earrings. It looks like you bought it at Kohl’s, on a rectangle of plastic, as a set.

2. Either or, neither nor. Patterned top and dresses can be young and fun, but once you’ve chosen a busy pattern, keep the jewelry simple. If you do both the pattern and the jewelry, they are going to compete and they will both lose.

3. Leave the out-there accessories to Paris Hilton and the Olsen twins. Half gloves are ridiculous. Putting a ring on top of them makes it worse. Plus, they’re kind of over. If someone comes out in one of those turban headbands in the weeks to come, I’m going all “Seacrest, out” on this show.

Sure the jewelry is just a fraction of what’s wrong with the picture here, but I’m just too frustrated to tackle jeggings and dresses from JC Penny’s right now.

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