Red Wine and Potato Chips

After a long and draining day, rather than make the intelligent decision to go to bed, I am indulging in red wine and potato chips and bad TV. The roomies and I are watching The Real Housewives of Orange County.

After watching a few episodes in a row we’re ignoring the drama and just critiquing the fashion. Best dressed at dinner goes to Vicki who, for once Vicki is wearing a flattering, non-harsh, brown dress. We are all surprised.

Worst dressed goes to Alexis who, in her off the shoulder ruffled top, looks like that Barbie head so many of us had when we were younger, the one whose make-up you could do with the real hair you could brush and style.

Soon enough they’ll all be drunk and things will get messy, but amazingly enough they will still all look perfect. If only a hair and make-up crew were on hand for touch-ups on my nights out.

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