On "Jeggings"

First there was the labradoodle, then there was Brangelina, and now, the jegging.

In a world where some women want the look of skinny jeans without the muffin top and the hassle of stuffing bulky denim into their knee high boots that are so in right now, designers decided to ignore their better judgement and create the jegging: a legging that appears to be made of denim, but is not.

Whether you want to spend $10 for them at Target or almost $200 with Helmut Lang, you can get your hands on a pair of these practically painted on pants. Personally I have no idea why you’d spend more than $50 on any trend item, but I suppose this is one particular item that could look even more terrible when made cheaply.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly see the appeal of these den-impostors. They hold a similar allure to Uggs or (from what I’ve heard) Crocs – comfort. But I’m not a girl who dresses for comfort, I dress for what is the most figure flattering and fun and it’s going to take a serious devotee to convince me that jeggings are either.

It may be the 90’s turn to come back into fashion, and I welcome flannel with open arms, but I’m just not ready to pull on a pair of acid-washed would-be jeans and call it fashion.

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