Back into the Blog-o-sphere

So it’s been awhile, but I’m back. Fresh off a 1-month, self-implemented shopping ban and trying hard to fight those retail demons.

You may be wondering, as most of my family and friends were when I ceremoniously announced it, what was the reason for this shopping ban?

Contrary to popular assumption, I’m actually not in debt. My emotional side runs the shopping trips, but my anal retentive side rules the checkbook. So in this day and age of I want it all, I want it now, and I’ll win some sort of contest or the lottery to pay for it, I am happily old fashioned in my spending.

Don’t let this high and mighty “I’m in the black” talk fool you though. If I have it I’ll spend it and therefor I am terrible at saving and can relate all to Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic when she said, “When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”

So I made up the following 3 criteria for the ban and I had to meet 2 of the 3 (I’m a realist, what can I say?) before it could be over:
1. February 1st – 1 full Month must pass with NO personal shopping.
2. Everything in my room must be put away and have a place (an exploding closet like Ms. Bloomwood’s is simply not acceptable).
3. Pay off any and all credit cards (mostly residual Holiday purchases)

So now it’s mid-February and I succeeded and it feels better than I even expected. Not buying new items meant I had to work with what I had and I came up with some new outfits that I really love.

It also reminded me that some of my favorite items are from H&M and Old Navy and that not everything needs to be (discounted) designer, but I’ll get into that at another time. For now I’ll just enjoy my clean room and streamlined closet and my return to the blog-o-sphere.

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