Watching Paint Dry

So the old adage for being bored is that whatever you’re doing is “like watching paint dry.” This morning it is so boring at work that I actually had to paint something just in order to watch it dry. Or watch “them” dry really, I painted my nails.

Normally I’m against doing something so noticeable at work (the smell is always a dead giveaway, if it wasn’t many more women would paint their nails on the train), but no one is here and there is nothing going on. Base coat done.

Few things bug me more than when the nail polish doesn’t cover the sides of my nails, but making sure I get them usually means getting polish on my cuticle, and I wind up wiping the excess on the desk calendar at my mom’s seat. So much for no one noticing. First coat of color done.

This has to be as boring to read as it is to sit here. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring in a coloring book. Second coat done.


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