The Peep-Toe Bootie

As the cold weather comes into full effect I relish the opportunity to start wearing my many pairs of boots. Last season the bootie became popular and while, at first, I had flashbacks to that horrible 90’s invention, the shoe-boot, the style eventually grew on me.
Unfortunately, just as I was scouting piperlime, zappos, and, for a bootie of my own, the mass market took this design to a whole new level with the peep-toe bootie. This is basically a boot with the front cut out to reveal several toes.
As someone who can’t even stand toe cleavage (Sorry Christian Louboutin, you may be a genius, but toe cleavage is nasty), this design-flaw-turned-trend sends shivers down my spine, despite being covered in an adorable black wool Tocca dress.
Besides being hideous, these boots are completely impractical. People wear boots because it is cold out. Layering leather over your calf is as stylish as it is smart, keeping the leg clad in a fabric that looks both rich and neat and retaining body heat at the same time. A peep-toe bootie is the equivalent of Uggs with shorts and for the ladies who are willing to commit either of these fashion crimes, I can only tell you that you are one sadly misinformed fashion faux pas away from wearing Crocs.
As for those of you who own Crocs, well the peep-toe bootie would actually be a step up for you, so I recommend stopping at your local Steve Madden and seeing what they have in your size.

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